A Fictional Love

I read about you, And you seem real, But I know it isn’t, And yet I fall for it, And love you In my way. I follow you somewhere, And get excited, By a word, Or a mention from you. Knowing, behind the scenes, It…

Branded clothes, Pretty shoes Bags and Jewels All this was not for her.. Deep down she wanted someone Who would Compliment her For who she was With or Without Them!

A Cold

A cold in olden times Rests easy with Vicks VapoRub, Mirinda and SkyFlakes. In this, the present, A cold demands a drop of blood, Cold steel on your skin, a drug. And she sleeps, it’s winter.

Inspiration Coming When the Lights are Out

Wicked muse, fair-weather friend, I can’t talk to you tonight; The sounds of raindrops descend Like soft breeze on a dim light. An everyday has mussed my face, Shall I get up to brush my teeth? You tempt me with an odd verse And not…

Three Dots

Three Dots, Then nothing. I wait for days But no word. I’m ghosted, I think. Maybe, I said the wrong thing To you. Hurting you In some way, Too stubborn to say what you need me to say. Three dots, And we are done. Forever,…

One Thousand and One

There were at least one thousand and one reasons to go back.  I only needed the one. Simple love lived there.  It had been years since I paid her a visit, yet she welcomed me like it was yesterday.  Simple love is easy that way. …

Hour 6

I wait outside the door I listen to the sobs inside The door is locked, I cannot come in Let me in, baby girl Let me say it will be alright

There’s Maybe a Light

I pluck a wilderness To match the warm darkness. I snuggle into a ball, Feeling the cold begin to touch my head. I squint, There’s maybe a light, Maybe a light. Make me a light.