I’m Tammi, and I hail from a tiny burb of Cleveland, Ohio where I reside with my husband, three children and somewhat feral tabby cat. I teach middle school English and enjoy reading and writing YA novels in verse. This will be my second half-marathon. Since last marathon, I have had my poetry appear in “Down in the Dirt Magazine” & “Caterpillar Magazine” as well as “2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology.”  I have always enjoyed sharing poetry with my students, but last year’s marathon inspired me to become involved in additional poetry writing opportunities. In April I discovered a teacher writer group #verseloveforteachres from Ethical ELA, and I spent every day in April writing poetry for poetry month. 30 poems in 30 days!  The experience of writing poetry with other poetry lovers is a fantastic way of connecting with the world. It brings people together and helps us see our humanity more clearly. Can’t wait to write poetry with you!

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