Hour 18: Quiet

You need to love yourself more”

My heart whispers to my body
While my hand is still typing
While my eyes are getting red
While my mind is stressing

I can’t listen to my heart
I keep working
I am getting insane
Depression is coming

My mind and heart are fighting
Then the heart wins
I colapse,
I should’ve listened,
I need to be quiet, now I am quiet.

2 thoughts on “Hour 18: Quiet

  1. That quiet recommendation from your heart in the opening line manages to permeate every subsequent line that follows. There is such a battle between you and your heart, but I think I felt a palpable sense of relief in your final line. The echo of quiet – ‘I need to be quiet, now I am quiet’ is almost reassuring, as if you’re telling yourself that you’ve now come to rest.

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