A Seven Year old Prayer

Thank you for this day,
Thank you for the things you made,
Please watch over me as I lay,
Of the closet monster, I am afraid.

Thank you for the bright sun,
Bless the tall tree and swing,
For playing outside is so much fun,
Bless the bluebirds that sing.

Please bless my Daddy and Mommy,
Keep them safe from all things bad,
Watch over Suzi and little Tommy,
If anything happened, I would feel sad.

Lord, I have one thing to ask,
Please make everyone share,
It is a simple task,
To show everyone we care.

Please watch over my Nana in Heaven,
My mommy says it’s a good place,
Nana died at age eighty seven,
She is watching me now, a smile on her face.

Thank you Lord for being there,
And watching over animals too,
Please keep me in your prayers,
Thanks Lord for all that you do.


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