American Pride

It began on a sunny morn in September,
The 11th will be a day to remember;
Our lives have changed forever,
As this United Nation comes together.

This day started like any other,
I went shopping with my grandmother.
Others left for work; some went to school,
Where teachers tried to teach the Golden Rule.

Breaking news interrupted our daily routine,
We could hardly believe what was seen.
Two jets crashed into the World Trade Tower,
8:46 A.M. Central Time was the early hour.

Many people watched in horror and shock,
They also listened to the ticking wall clock.
When another plane crashed into the Pentagon,
It exploded in many pieces on the lawn.

The world came to a dead standstill,
As we searched our souls for goodwill.
No TV shows or music played that day,
People stood by America, come what may.

It was an emotional day for us all,
News anchors wept, but we will stand tall.
Search and rescue was a tedious task,
Yet, it left unanswered questions to ask.

Who committed this act of hatred and violence?
Americans should not have to face the silence.
Of loved ones that they will never see again,
This was an unspeakable act of sin.

Why did tragedy strike American soil?
I don’t know the answers, but remain loyal.
To a country that has shown great pride,
In honor of everyone that has died.

Now our solders are fighting back,
From this unthinkably awful attack.
Bombs have destroyed permanent structures,
Nevertheless, our hearts will not be ruptured.

As the fight for freedom rages on,
We realize all hope is not gone.
People often take for granted and forget,
Our American pride, an extraordinary gift.


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