Home Sweet Home

There is a place I know,
Where daffodils and roses bloom,
Tall trees and green grass also grow,
While bluebirds sing a lovely tune.

People love to sit on the rickety porch swing,
While watching little children hard at play,
Seeing the joy that kids will bring,
And, growing old together come what may.

The sun is shining ever so bright,
Reflecting the image off a blue pond,
Of a young girl with her Barbie kite,
Then, a grandfather looks proudly on.

From the kitchen come wonderful smells,
Of fried chicken and homemade rolls,
It is finger licking’ good, as you can tell,
Good for the body, mind, and soul.

In the den, a family sets up board games,
I see Monopoly, Trivial Prusuit, and Scrabble,
Family favorites always remain the same,
While buying property and watching words unravel.

This is a place I like to call home,
Within it’s walls remain a love that is steadfast,
It is where horses, cows, and prairie dogs roam,
However, the memories are made to last.


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