The Book of Life



Imagine writing a book of life,
What would your chapters contain?
Will it be full of joy or strife,
Many unanswered questions remain.

Did you accomplish all of those goals,
Made by the tender age of twenty five?
Maybe one of your books got sold,
It is awfully good to be alive.

How did you raise a household?
By honest values and a firm loving hand,
Or listening to generations of stories told,
By family members who would understand.

Do you imagine life coming to an end?
Where do we go when we die?
Don’t worry-the Lord will be your friend,
He will lead you to the gates in the sky.

This is considered a beautiful place,
It is known as a heavenly paradise.
God has room for every kind of race,
Many people believe the territory is nice.

This is where some good people reside,
Yet, Heaven only exists in our dreams.
Until we can enter, the Lord will decide,
What your book of life really means.


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