the diner

the girl child wakes first


she’ll need her own lunch

also gluten-free

she reminds you the importance of buying cage-free eggs

you remind her that all her frees really don’t come free


the oldest boy child wakes next

and beats the girl child to the counter

all carnivore

needs lunch for two today

he is eating with his companion at the senior center

his treat

he’s chosen bacon mac and cheese, and peach pie


the youngest boy child wakes last

and is the last one to the counter

which he calls an island in the kitchen

he’d like the leftover wings from last night

and a large glass of milk

for breakfast!

whatever happened to toast?

his lunch today,

your mashed potatoes with green olives and sunflower seeds

and the peaches not in the pie


for yourself it is just coffee

whatever they don’t eat

but you draw butterflies on each brown lunch bag

you don’t care that they are all teenagers now

this is your diner

the only diner they’ve ever know

and in this diner, the doggie bags come with doodles by mom

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