Floating Dream

I awake to find I’m weightless.

Unsure of where I am, I panic.

Then am gently self-reminded,

I live deep in outer space.



No cause for alarm or worry,

at my standard, floating state.

What isn’t typical, is that I’ve

drifted, so far from base.



Hold on, kid, we’ve got you,

a stiff voice says in my ear.

Mars to Houston, snagged her

and putting her back to bed.


3 thoughts on “Floating Dream

  1. For a moment, I thought this may be about sleep paralysis, a very real thing, and very scary. It happens when your body is awakened straight out of REM sleep due to some condition. At night, when you dream, your brain disables motor functions to keep you from moving and doing things in your sleep. Sometimes, people wake up, completely aware, but unable to move and they panic. A few minutes later, they’re fine, but I imagine for those few minutes it’s pure terror.

  2. No I’ve had a bouts with sleep paralysis and that ish is not amazing! I took it as a whimsical dream and reading Josh’s comments…..I can’t get past it.

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