Congratulations Poetry Half Marathoners!

Congratulations Half Marathoners! I am so happy that you have completed 12 poems in 12 hours! That is wonderful. Thank you for joining us in this madness.

In the past I have personally verified that everyone who applied for a certificate was eligible and then I would make a certificate. That is not possible this year and so we will be operating on the honor system.

If you completed the Poetry Half Marathon please consider the following certificate yours, to update with your name, to print if you choose to do so. We will be taking feedback into consideration, so if you really feel strongly about this new state of affairs please email me at to explain your position.

Click on the link below and download the edit ready certificate if you completed The Half Marathon. Congratulations again on your completion of The Half Marathon.

The link to download the editable version is here.

The visual example of what the certificate will look like is right below this text.

Also remember that this year we will be putting together a 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology.

Submissions will open July 2nd and stay open till the 16th.

All submissions must include two poems, no more, no less. The email address is But do not submit early! You must follow all the instructions below!

The subject line of all emails must be Poetry Submission. Poems must be included in the body of the email.

All poems submitted must be written during the 2019 Poetry marathon. All poems should be completely edited and contain no major grammatical errors.

The first word of every line should not have a capitalization unless it is intentional! Word has an auto caps feature that you can turn off by following the instructions below.

To turn off automatic capitalization, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Tools. | AutoCorrect Options.
  2. On the AutoCorrect tab, deselect the Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences check box, and click OK.

You must indicate which hour each poem was written in, and whether you participate in the full or the half marathon. Only poets who completed the whole or half marathon will be eligible to submit.

There is no guarantee that by submitting your poem will be selected although the goal is to include one poem by everyone who submits.

Digital copies will be made available for free to any contributor. Print copies will be available for a reasonable price and any money that is made from them will go towards covering the cost of the marathon.

Want to know what the 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology was like? Pick up your copy here.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations Poetry Half Marathoners!

  1. Whew! I just finished my first marathon. Yippee!

    Thank you for arranging this. I must admit, the first few prompts weren’t that exciting for me. However, as the day progressed, so did the quality of the prompts. I enjoyed most of them after.

    I’m very much interested in the anthology! Will you send reminders or do we need to put on our big girl and boy pants and step up and do it for ourselves?

    Thanks again! See you maybe next time!

  2. Thank you for an interesting event! I loved most of the prompts.
    Would have liked the certificate to come from you but I completely understand that there are way too many people. Are you going to publish a list of half marathoners? I’d like to wait to print out the cert until after I see my name there. It will tell me that you acknowledged my submissions! 🙂
    Thank you for giving us a chance for anthology submissions!

  3. Thanks got another awesome event. With a teething 10 month old, I chose the half marathon this time around and there were only a couple prompts that I wasn’t crazy about. Still, it was – as always – a fun challenge. Now the struggle to whittle the 8 or 9 favorites from today’s half to 1-2 for anthology consideration.

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