20 thoughts on “Hour 1, Prompt 1

    A woman of courage . . .
    To live is our grace!
    To have come here . . .
    In a patriarchal society;
    fighting hard to be matriarchal!
    It’s time …
    We knew!
    We know!
    Yet, someone over rode it —
    Commit the sin …
    Never mess with Mother Nature!
    And when you do, the virus came!
    We shall overcome, though.
    Never forget …
    Teach your children well!
    Reach for women, in respect!
    For they create life within …
    and deliver it outward.
    Do not mistreat her.
    Bless her presence!
    Know her strength!
    Listen …
    Know …
    Acknowledge …
    Then, she rises you up, too!

  2. i feel you/ coursing in my veins/ A reminder of what is/ Sacred//
    i hear you/ rustle/ in the trees/ Application of/ a power i really/ never had//
    i taste you/ in each breath/ Feeding lungs like/ a drug//
    i know you/ the way we know/ a friend we almost/ forgot/ Familiar/ sometimes taken for granted//
    i see you/ crimson sun/ greyscale night sky/ neon lights reflecting the sweat of their bodies//
    i smell you/ petrichor, they call it/ as though/ human language could begin/ to describe your essence//
    i become you/ a shadow of a/ goddess, cycle in and out of/ relevance perceived//
    i love you/ but not well enough/ wrecking what i need as though/ it will be there in the morning/ and you are//
    i do not know/ when our faces turn to grey/ reflections of your disdain/ Perhaps caricatures//
    i know/ i am a virus to be scourged/ bacteria/ strong together/ weak apart, but/ we forget what that means//
    i think you/ see me/ wanting more, and/ giving me what i need instead//

    1. Dear Mother Goddess,

      May on this day you
      Be at peace
      In such abundance,
      let harmony slip like manna
      to our tongues.

      In my shamanic journey
      I ask for help
      In restructuring
      A planet of harmony.

      Our government is prepared
      With weapons of mass destruction
      While a microscopic, invisible
      Conglomeration of cells
      Invades the entire planet.

      It know no boundaries
      Of ecomioncs, purity, privilege.
      Shelter in place, they say,
      wear disposable gloves.
      Save the economic status,
      They say all this, but the virus
      Knows no rules.

      Resilient, resistant, Covid19
      Insists, resists,
      Marches on.
      Scientists explore algorithms,
      But the answers are not immediate,
      Affordable or tested.
      Perhaps by 2025.

      We call for your blessings,
      Great Mother Goddess.

      C.J. Prince

  3. A new vision of self within her,
    she claimed her place among men.
    Examinations, boards, clinics,
    always serving women and children.
    Ongoing ailments and illnesses with
    roots in misinformation and ignorance
    spurred her to find new solutions.
    Education for a world of those underserved.
    Traveling the world to help others.
    Her vision for self led to possibilities for others
    a new way of thinking, learning, and living.

    (Maria Montessori)

  4. Our command performance
    was to go to Susan’s Auntie
    one morning. Just up the curving
    driveway that David tended–
    earning college tuition
    as he pulled weeds
    and planted weed.

    David’s sister Susan, my BFF,
    was her niece. I blended in
    with the family, trying to hide
    within the folds of 20 foot

    As imposing off stage as on,
    She commanded everyone.
    The family was used to her,
    I was terrified,

    In high school Susan was cast with her aunt in “Chalk Garden ”
    at The Lobero Theatre.
    I sat riveted in the third row.

    I called her Auntie Judy.
    Everyone else called her
    Dame Judith Anderson.
    C.J. Prince

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