4 thoughts on “Prompt for Hour Five

  1. The Mystery of Who’s to Blame

    Things did not go as planned.
    Do we blame the personal assistant
    Who arranged the business dinner at 1804 C Street?
    Or the Uber driver
    Who assumed it was C Street NW not NE?
    Or the executive who didn’t specify
    If he wanted Indian food or French cuisine?
    Or the lawyer who insisted
    He knew where and when and what they should eat?
    Or the delivery man who double-parked his van that blocked C Street
    And backed up traffic for half an hour?
    Or the nanny
    Who couldn’t pick up the children from school?
    Or the principal
    Who issued a detention to one of the children for name-calling?
    Or the weatherman
    Who forecast 5” of snow and it happened?
    Or the minister
    Who had encouraged families to slow down?

    Blame is a game that nobody-wins.
    Cindy Herndon

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