Prompt for Hour Twelve

Half Marathoners, this is your last prompt! Congratulations.

Full marathoners, after this you are halfway there!!!

Write a poem that contains no more than 100 words and no less than 90 words. If you repeatedly use the same word it only counts once. For example if the word umbrella was used 10 times in your poem you would only count it once.

The word count feature (bottom left of this text box) is your friend!

7 thoughts on “Prompt for Hour Twelve

  1. Thank you for the fun prompt! I’ll be writing more, of course, but I’ll be ending with this.

    I learned that my font is too large in some of the prompts. Can I go in and fix it?

    On to #12. . .
    Again, many thanks!

  2. A Hundred Words

    what would I do
    with a hundred words?
    write you a letter?
    a song in praise of you?
    the beginning
    of an epic?
    an essay on beauty
    to your gold standard?
    if worth
    were to be weighed
    by quantity
    and adherence to rules
    surely this
    would win a prize
    fifty words
    I have already reached
    and so far
    said nothing more
    than when
    I started this poem
    and repetitions
    do not count either
    now I am sure
    your are as befuddled
    as I am
    but if I were
    to paraphrase all this
    it would all
    be said with my eyes

  3. MINCED ABCS (hour 12, 2017; didn’t follow the prompt)

    A botched time you arrived, isn’t it?
    Been around the corners, have you?
    Curving the ball, winning the game.
    Don’t get all blousey on me, mate.
    Enough teabags for a lifetime.
    Fount off!
    Go slow or be swayed.
    How about coming up to where you can’t see me sometime?
    I solemnly do sweat.
    Just dud it.
    Know the child, knock the knees.
    Live strange!
    Mean gulls never get the road kill.
    Not in this death.
    Out of sight, out of Miami.
    Peace to meet you.
    Quest for the mess.
    Rest assayed.
    Slow down – computers sleeping.
    Top of the iceberg, to you.
    Uppity yours.
    Very bumpy move, dude.
    Way to leave.
    X is a spot with four corners.
    You don’t whisper.
    Zoos on us!

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