Prompts Hour Twelve

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For this year’s first formal prompt the challenge is to write a nonet. This poetic form requires that you write a 9-line poem. In the first line there are 9 syllables, in the second 8 syllables and so on down to final one syllable (ninth) line. You can learn more and read an example here, but it’s origin is unknown.

If a nonet does not appeal to you, you can always write a Shakespearean sonnet or my favourite form of late a zuihitsu.

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4 thoughts on “Prompts Hour Twelve

  1. Loving the nod to classic styles and Shakespeare 😊🥰
    I’m a Halfer, so, thank you for another fantastic year!!

    I’m in awe and so proud of all I’ve accomplished and others I’ve read. Cheers!

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