7 thoughts on “Prompts for the Fifth Hour

  1. Chaotic Dog Eared Books

    The ring from
    your wine glass
    left its prominent mark
    of red saying

    I was here
    on your favourite
    hardback book

    Don’t books that have
    stains tell the world
    I have lived?

    Like chaotic dog–eared
    books facing up
    towards the sun

    where sunflowers
    nod their gentle
    heads of approval.

    The Oak tree
    rustles its old leaves
    saying don’t worry about such things.

  2. Summer’s Delight

    Sunflowers in pots,
    Sit on the pavement,
    They glow in the sun’s radiant light,
    As they absorb its energy,
    They’re an attractive sight,
    As seen through the wine glass,
    Mother sits facing them,
    She smiles and sings knitting along,
    Cheddar cheese lies on a plate beside,
    My mother’s favourite,
    My mother’s happy day.

  3. I love to knit but knitting is complicated
    technical and drastically mathematical
    It is not like painting a sunflower-
    nor tasty as cheddar cheese. it takes effort
    then later comes ease.
    Knitting must have a special space
    Under an oak is absolutely fine
    but never on a pavement or a line
    I love to knit , maybe I would take my satchel
    and sit on a platform bench
    and knit a picturesque fabric, perhaps for a feline.

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