The 2019 Poetry Marathon

The goal of the Poetry Marathon is to write one poem every hour, for twenty-four hours, straight. There is also a half marathon option, to write one poem every hour for twelve hours straight.

The 2019 Poetry Marathon starts at 9 AM ET on Saturday June 22nd and goes till 9 AM on Sunday the 23rd of June. Those who are interested in doing a half marathon can either start at 9 AM EST on the 22nd of June and go till 9 PM. Or they can start at 9 PM EST on the 22nd and go till 9 AM on the 23rd of June. The second option might work better for poets living outside of North America.

If you want to figure out what time the Poetry Marathon will be for your time zone, this time zone converter can be very helpful.

Sign up will start in late May/early June. You must sign up in advance in order to participate.

Learn more at our website here

3 thoughts on “The 2019 Poetry Marathon

  1. Sooo glad you guys are back!!! I’m looking forward to participating again for my 2nd go round. I tried to do 24 hrs last time & fell out @ my 18th hr – LMBO! But oh my goodness, the wonderful dreams I had of my mom & grandma who had both passed were awesome!!
    Lastly, my bff didn’t register in time, but did it with me anyway & bcuz of her, I lasted as long as I did. She’ll be officially registered this time – Yeaa!! Luv yall & thanks for this wonderful event!!

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