hour twelve

It’s warmth wraps around me

a woodsy smell envelopes me

it is soft & worn

as I put my arms in its sleeves

I remember, it working

in the woodshop –

Daddy’s workshirt…

soft memories hug me…

hour eleven

the aroma wafts towards my nose,

I think of the hands

that lovingly prepared

those hand-cut

potatoes, thick slices

piled high in the cast iron

cooked to crispy perfection

as my teeth sink in,

ahhh, yummy

grandma’s fried potatoes!

hour ten

boom, clatter, crash

as I sit watching the train slowly pass…

screech, rumble growl

the cars pick up speed…

clackity-clack goes the track

and I watch it go by…

hour nine

the rain beats down on the windshield

wipers bashing at the chaos

trucks splattering more water

than those tiny blades can swipe

cursing the rain, the car zooms along

I’m wishing I had time

to stop and dance in the rain…

Hour 21 – To I

Prompt for Hour Twenty One

Dear Myself

After sincere reflections, I’m afraid I don’t see I to I
I refute myself, at the risk of being cruel

I mean, I don’t see I
Neither I’s my, nor me’s mine

My’s only I, mine’s only me

Mine temporarily

Hour 20 – Looking Through The Glass

Prompt for Hour Twenty

On the train of needs
Alice woke up in an elf suit
They were passing through the forest of no trees
About to reach the Zone

An unnaturally bright moon cast strange shadows
Wraiths from recent dreams

Alice looked around
Her co-passenger, a pretty red fox
A box of daddy issues
A watch, the face reversed

A tar-covered polar bear violently ambled past
Reading a newspaper, muttering to himself

Alice looked outside her window
In the Zone, we’ll all be alone, she thought
No camps on the way, no stops between
No roads leading nowhere

A bright moon casts strange shadows
Wraiths from dreams past

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