The Light of Tomorrow

As the night comes and the world lays its head down to rest

The mind begins to run and question

What will the world be like tomorrow

Will we walk like the others

Or will we make an imprint on a world that is at a constant change

Should we give up that which makes our day go on

What kind of world will I leave when the night comes and the world rests

Was my change the day before enough to make things happen

Or should I continue to change that which surrounds me

Will it make a difference if I stand and watch

Can I become like the others and stand by

Simply waiting for that which was promised

On a day long ago when the world had just begun

And then again the night approaches and the light goes away

The world goes to sleep and the silence is all that exists

The stars far above lighting up the blackened sky

And we sleep resting and waiting for that next tomorrow

In hopes that we can change that which surrounds us

Let the world know that we are ready for the tomorrow


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