Wave Upon Wave

I forget the world I once had as a child that grew

The imagination that was created in the world’s that I wrote

At a time when escaping the world around me was a better choice

When things where different and the world was simpler

As long as the time was available and no one was around

I escaped to a world that was all of my own

A place that I could make things as I wanted

In a time that I could lose minutes on top of hours on top of days

My world was something that could help me and hinder me

For the world that I create could be a place I could never leave

From character to character and day to day

Once I was inside and caught the outside world would just melt away

As to why I left that world I will never know

And the more I try the less of the world I see

To become lost in a world that was once me

When can I find my true self

And where will I be when that world comes crashing on me

I wait for the waves that once over came me

That closed around me and invaded everything I was

For the creativity that was once my whole world

Where will my creativity come from and when

I am ready for wave upon wave of worlds to create

And for a time that I can lose minutes upon hours upon days

One thought on “Wave Upon Wave

  1. I really liked the way the lines were broken up in this poem. And the way you describe the world was beautiful and relatable. This was a great line:

    “In a time that I could lose minutes on top of hours on top of days”

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