Freestyle (Prompt 9)

The noise in my house is nerve wrecking. I had it all planned out before. I knew it would be difficult with the baby. I can’t focus enough to get my thoughts down without being interrupted. “Wait!” “huh?” Thirty seconds of silence is what I get before the next “MAMA!” interruption. Kids under 13 are different from teenagers. My son tries hard to stay out of my hair but baby girl doesn’t care. She takes off her pamper and runs around the house. She just peed on the floor like a puppy, comes back and tells me to sit down. “Sit down Mama.” The Microwave just went off and I realize this is what my life is now. Frequent interruptions “Oh No!” she fell down, now I tell her here I come, anything to quiet her down. To give what she says some recognition as I continue to write because I want to. It’s my only sanity, “Huh?” “Get away from there!” “What are you doing?” “PUT THAT DOWN!!” She’s into something else and I’m still writing. My five minutes is almost up. Why didn’t I get a sitter today? Oh because I can’t afford it. There you go again answering your own damn questions. Crazy girl stop feeling guilty this is your human experience. The pathway to whatever or wherever you are going. You are going regardless so it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the ride and hope you don’t get any diseases along the way. Where the hell did diseases just come from? Oh Geez, I’m a hypochondriac and I didn’t even know it. Purrfect, purr really? now I’m a cat. I’ve gone bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Baby girl is back in my face. Her finger is stuck in a jewelry box. Yep she’s doing whatever and I’m still writing. She looks at me and says okay. I say thank you. She just walked away….my five minutes.


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