Heart Murmur (prompt 4)

I heard my heart break

shards of glass were left inside

my left wrist

I cut myself

staring at the pain I couldn’t feel anything

It was perfectly placed this time

Maybe it has finally left me,

my imagination

was a tool unneeded

My heart dared me to love myself

the mortality of what I enjoyed confronted me

it was stone cold

foul mouthed and closed

seconds rolled by like miles

I realized I dreamed of this ending differently

My mind lingered in corridors

the sounds of love echoed in my consciousness

thickening my vulnerabilities as I sank silently

all I could think about was my pleading eyes

as I placed my heart at his feet

leaving me to stare at my own reflection alone

a minute long conversation was all it took

and I knew we were done

scratching the surface of my strong self

I dug inside deep enough

to remove that pain

like candle wax it warmly dripped

as I painted the canvas of the unknown

with a fading ache and fear

of knowing I would have to live

without his shadow

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