Best Friend

Our path are different

Yet we stay together

God paves your way

With devotion you look

Logic guides me forward

With calculation and decision

In this world

Full of war

Religion and logic

That try to cut each other

We live in harmony

Understanding each other

My best friend you became

Before we even understood the concept

My best friend you are

As we are devoted to opposite side

You wish to God

For this to stay

I ask the power of Universe

To never separate us



4 thoughts on “Best Friend

  1. Beautiful! This is almost a devotional poem- beautiful! I love the tone and there are many lines that resonate with me- great word choice…Religion and Logic- they try to cut each other…I love the imagery-very powerful! Well done!

  2. This poem is square on what I like about your comfort with differences in your own culture. I would love to see a short story of this friendship matched with the poem, with more specifics. This is like a blessing or a prayer that could end the story.
    You take for granted this precious gift of accepting this division.

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