Met you in a place

Where craziness ran rampant

The king of all disruption

Your name was Chaos

In a few post

You felt like a brother

We slammed the forum

And fought together

You we’re my friend and rival

A brother, most important

Yet you lied and hid

Behind the thickly vieled anonymity

Two years of friendship

Not a single thing I knew

When the chance came

I grasped the hold of it

You banned me for a day

And I left for life

Yet you were the one

Behaving like I was dead

You know not

The affect of your action

Because I his too

Behind a strong wall

I miss you even now

But I am tired

Of trying and pretending

That you’re no brother of mine


Chaos, this is for you. You weready my brother and you still are. You hurt me and I hurt you maybe but one fight doesn’t end things.

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