Hour 16 – Prompt 16 – “Chasm”

A banquet spread out in lavish settings, awaits

It is the wedding of a famous personality
With thousands of guests expected to attend
The traffic is diverted on roads leading to the venue
The police personnel guard to avoid trespassers

The guests flow in, one by one, till wee hours of dawn
The sparkle of lights enhance the decorations
The aroma of fresh food wafts in the air
Soft music keeps the dance floor alive

In an area, not far behind, darkness envelops
With not a street light is on for miles
Cries of helpless, hungry children echo
Torn clothes, domestic violence depicts penury

A banquet spread out in lavish settings, wasted

One thought on “Hour 16 – Prompt 16 – “Chasm”

  1. I love the theme of this one…so much dichotomy here. I love the description of the two very different worlds and especially the alliteration of helpless hungry children- the alliteration emphasizes. Good choice to do free verse…you may want to do something with the words “awaits” at the beginning and “wasted” at the end…maybe put them on separate lines to make it a statement eg., “Awaits! Or keep it on the same line but use a hyphen….Having wasted on a separate line at the bottom may connect it more to the title and emphasize. Just my thoughts! Great poem!

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