Hour 2 – Prompt 2 – Expressions, redefined

When you chose your path and I chose to stand with you
We knew the day would come, when we would part
You are leaving, to protect our country
And I am here, waiting for your return

I cannot talk to you, when I wish
You cannot touch me, when you wish
The parting was sweet, a hug so tight
The air around us, understood our plight

It has been ages, since I last heard your voice
The network was weak, and words were so feeble
My feelings are on the surface, ready to burst
The music, my solace till date, no longer suffices

The notebook and pen you gave me, are now my best friends
I fill the blank pages, replacing my emotions with words
I no longer wander lost, seeking comfort in the air
I always carry my notebook, knowing I can express at will

We are soul mates, tested by time, as we are apart
Living the journey, that life has carved for us
My words may not reach you and I know not of your struggles
Yet, this notebook captures each moment that is significant

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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