Hour 3 – Prompt 3 – From the view above

Hey Angel, what do you see?
Is it a world filled with only pain?
How lucky you are to escape the negative vibes?

The Angel looked longingly at something
I asked her to share what she saw
And she said, “Oh I wish, I was on Earth”

The tides so tempting, as they come and go
A dash of blue-green, with the lace of white
It teaches how to unwind and enjoy life

The sand so golden and wet, near the shore
Happy to feel the cool touch of the waves
Maintaining their identity amidst each change

The people who are out, to bask in the sun
Beneath the shade, they watch the horizon
The adventurous ones surf on the tides

The Angel’s words reminded me of small joys
That get lost in routine and hurdles of life

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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