Hour 5 – Prompt 5 – Remembering the magic

In this trip down the memory lane
I closed my eyes for just a second
And there I was, in that park
Sitting on our special bench

Waiting as usual, for you to come
So that we could talk about our dreams
Dreams, in which you would be a great artist
Dreams, for me, which changed, every day

Was it our age difference that made you mature?
Was it the beauty of your art, that made us friends?
Friends, who were each other’s backbone
Friends, who shared everything under the sun

Today, that bench, stands alone, in that park
At the dot of six, it doesn’t feel our touch
With both of us, in different countries now
Has it been two decades already, in this very life?

A decade of friendship on that bench, two decades apart
Time surely flies, and we race, to keep in pace

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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