Prompt 20 – Hour 20 – ekphrastic poem – “The Mission”

Olivia sat with her friend Ollie the bear,
as she waited for her two friends, Oxie the
fox and Ellie the elephant calf

Today was a bright, sunny day — perfect
for their planned picnic. Olivia had worn
her favourite red and green dress

Oxie came running as fast as his legs could
carry him. “Ellie has fallen into a pit, and
is in pain”, he told them

They discussed on how to get Ellie out, the role
each would play. Olivia grabbed a nearby rope,
they followed as Oxie led the way

Oxie would lead them to the location and then
set off to find Ellie’s mother, Ella. His fox
friends were already searching for her

Ollie would get down into the pit and try to
push Ellie up. Olivia would tie the rope on
Ellie’s legs and slowly pull him up

By then, Oxie would bring Ella, who would
check Ellie and ensure she is fine. They
would all rest after their effort

Three determined friends, walked briskly,
to rescue Ellie, so that they could enjoy
the picnic on this perfect, sunny day

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