#7 – Horns and fish

Creature_20141004130541Don’t mock him, even if

He’s funny, he can do things

You will never be able to


He laughs to your misfortune

He slaps you in the face

When you cry for nothing


No it’s not totally that

He never was violent

Never beyond your agreement


You know the agreement

You signed up before

Of course you forgot


Now it’s time to remember

Time to open this little corner

In your scary head


Don’t be afraid of him either

He is here to help you

Take some steps on your path


On your way to the glade

Don’t miss him,

He looks like a joke


He will show up unexpectedly

He looks like a stalker

Don’t run away


He smells fishy

His souls is rancid

And he holds the world’s grudges


But he will meet you with

His big mocking smile

And those huge horns on his head


When you see the fish behind him

And never before, only then,

Tell him you come from me


He will give you the secret code

Directly in your DNA

You will notice nothing


But you will feel an urge

To hug everybody, that’s

The sign of your brand new loyalty


You will never see him again

But you will remember

His filthiness forever


Don’t forget ever the power of the fish








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