#9 – Mister Green Match

20150423-134147-454Mister Green Match

Watches the scene

Through the window


He is in trouble:

He felt in one of

His own traps


He just finished installing them

To catch the naughty ones

When he got caught, like a beginner


In the big net of filthy rubber

He couldn’t move as he strongly believes

He has the best traps of the countries


Mister Green Match

Is in trouble

And he has no idea how to get out


Of this terrible situation

He starts losing his nerves

He is really out of rage


Feeling outraged to be seen like that

He runs out and kills some lives

Out of rage, he is out of his mind


Never allow mister Green Match

To become your friend

He will ruin your life


Never allow yourself intimacy

With such a jerk

A real sociopath


You came back home

To find out that

The mirror has been broken


While you were away

Someone came with a black cat

And broke your mirror


And you know what they say…

About mirror

And cats

By the way…




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