Appreciating the Now

In winter I dream of frost
On window panes
Of sweaters and socks
Mittens and knit hats
I even; when it gets over 40 degrees
Fantasize about snow
Covering the streets
In the winter I dream of swimming in the lakes
Of the snow leaving the road clear
So my feet can touch the ground
Of shedding my jacket
The sun warming my Shoulders
And stroking my hair as I
Fall asleep
In a somnolent hammock
How can we never be happy right now
With everything just the way it is?
Cherry blossoms then
Plum and apple blossoms
Spring plantings
Feeling the soil
Warm under fingers
That appreciate it for
It is
Not what It will become
Or what it has been
But what it is right now
See the birds in the trees
Different ones in winter
Then in spring, summer or fall.
The glorious streaks of colour of the
Humming birds in summer
The visiting swans in spring
The goslings somewhere inbetween
In fall the birds going to and fro
What a show!
In winter the hearty, steadfast birds,
Always the chickadees, ravens, crows,
The cedar waxwings in their fine plumage
Year after year, I try to learn all their names and songs
Each season has it’s purpose
Things to harvest
Clothing most splendiferous
Could I live without a single one of them?
No, not ultimately

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