Butterscotch Sunbeam

Butterscotch Sunbeam

In the afternoon
When things get still and slow
I watch a little sunbeam
That escaped into my room
All is quiet and dim
Except for the roar of that
Little drip of sun
And the scent of butterscotch
Running off it’s light
And puddling onto hardwood floors
I don’t know how it got here
Or where its friends are at play
But this little sunbeam
Has fallen my way
It’s as loud as a freight train
In the otherwise dark room
Dimmed for an afternoon nap
After the rising of noon
It shines its spotlight on every spot of dust
And lets me know its noticed
Every bit of muss
Even though it woke me up
With its demand to play
dripping with sweetness
To remind me of the summer day
It’s impossible to do anything
But smile in a wistful way
The sunbeam’s found her friends
And vanished in her play

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