Hound Dog Love

He barks at the window
He barks at the door
His nose goes to the ground
No one can escape him!
He’s a hound dog
He’s ever alert
Except when he’s asleep
Then he’s flatter than dirt
His ears hang low
His jowls tremble
When his hound brain takes over
His eyes separate
in each direction
His throat vibrates
The glasses shake windows vibrate
Hound dogs howl!
They howl with a growl
Than they bay and with
A gasping snarl, they’re off to
He has no brain when he’s part of the pack
He’s the best guard dog I’ve ever had
He’ll kill rats and mice and even bugs dead
Keep the house safe from any ingress

When he comes back from the Baying time
He’s as soft as a puppy
He wants to cuddle and love
Never mind his claws are adamantium
Never mind he dropped a dead rat at my feet yesterday
He’s keeping the house safe
From the postman
From hornets
From rats
From flies
from the neighbor walking by with that little dog he hates
He’s a hound dog and his ears are velvet
his nose can smell out anything
He’s half dog and half machine
One hundred percent loving loyalty!

One thought on “Hound Dog Love

  1. I love this poem! This dog comes to life for me with all his good and his naughty — his velvet ears, his barking, his dedication to keeping his human and home safe. Love what you did with the visual representation on bay and howl. I love dogs and this is a great dog-loving poem. 🙂

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