Too Brief

Too Brief
Virginia Carraway Stark

In the winter the days go by too quick
And you miss the sun
In the summer the night’s are too brief
And you miss the dark
The moon becomes a pale faced stranger
Who whispers in the light
The stars are distant wanderers
You used to love
In the dark if winter
It is the sun who becomes pale and wan
He never comes too close
he only peers over mountain ranges
As though afraid of the dark himself
Or perhaps the cold blackens his light
The stars become magnificent,
Magnified by the closeness to the polar wind
And their waltz with those
Who crackle like old hags
And make no better background
To the imminent meteor showers
Pulling back their pink, green, white and blue
Curtains of midnight colours
To reveal the cosmic show
That freezes in your lungs
And reddens your cheeks
As yet another too brief season
Plays out its drama in the sky

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