Do you know the Wouda’s?
They live most any place
They can be both good or evil
A pleasure or a disgrace
Under the sea they creep like starfish
On land they hide
A secretive race

Do you know the Wouda?
You may have mistaken them for
Someone’s hand or a toy
But I assure you they are alive and well
They adapt to any situation
With alacrity and joy

Do you know the Wouda?
Not the Coulda, Shoulda or even Buddha?
But in fact the Wouda
Who creeps up in disguise
It is the helping hand you need
When all else seems lost

It isn’t a pixie, a gnome or a dwarf
It is the noble Wouda
And if you don’t know about them
I think its time you shoulda
because they’re the helpers we all need
The very special Wouda

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