While strategically placing my lipstick, I caught a glance of the clock. Its 2:29. Damn that brings me back to the times…..

Remember how you would hold my face in your hands when we kissed? Do you remember how I would sing to you or play fight you when I was pissed? I cant believe how much of our dysfunction I miss…..

Or wait, what about the times you would talk in your sleep?  We would laugh forever! When did forever, become never? Were we really that weak?

I know you really remember how you stopped returning my calls. We barely would see one another, you made me feel so small……..

2:30. So glad that minute has passed. While the pain is still real, the healing is vast. A couple swipes of mascara, just enough to define. Grabbing my purse I step out the door, turn and look behind….”To hell with the time 2:29″

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