“Id like you to write…

… about giving all control away. Being a passenger not having any say in where the car goes, how fast it goes, which route it takes to get there. Full surrender.”

Purified ebony in musk polished calm,
as sky and liquid carries off without distinction,
No motions of air transgress a hulled cast vessel,
Without light perforations adorned shadowed firmament,
Encased verging entombed yet womb-like-comfort,
Be it Styx or Tiber outstretched my limbs do go,
Sinews loosen as all regard rendered needless,
One last mere choice in renouncing,
No mere float yet no sought glide,
Yielding faining reliance entwined submission,
Drift along provocation of welling tranquility,
Softening compulsions to prevent whatever may be,
Facade of self dissolving through the division in hourglass halves.

Semi revolution of eyeballs upwards glance,
Fractured being looming up above,
Physical presence containing nuance,
Differing momentum inside conflicted dynamic,
Calm curiosity as to which can show,
Transitional responsibility of unbridled rule.
Laying down totally exposed allow the animal free reign
Yet this uninhibited freedom to strike brings forth a lick,
Wondrous gift like a marital bed no barrier to love or harm,
Trust being constructed on an offering of mutual risk,
Reflections crystalise possible when movement ripples cease,
What we see determined by we have known,
Past violation ripped autonomy like new babe from mother,
My current state drifting like a mobile to calm the same.

Unturning unhandled shovel digging for me
No finger raise towards the sky as the dirt falls down
What will be will feel like an end here down below.

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