Poetry Marathon poem #6

I have ten dollars
to my borrowed name
stashed within my pocket
to spend on food
or gas
I’m sleeping
in my car tonight
but that does
not bother me
any longer
for I know
I have something
locked away
inside my heart
to ensure it beats
every lively
lovely happy
moment of pure
joy and litanies sung
for stars that shine
trees that grow
clouds that storm
lightning that strikes
in the heat and dead
of night
forking the sky
with brilliant
of beauty wild.
I find myself
here often,
in the out of time
and quiet spaces
occupied by none
other that my open
heart beating soft.
I used to hate it here.
I held negativity
for far too long
and it has not
yielded profit,
so no longer.
Every moment
is previous
and precise
and precious.
I am sleeping in my car
tonight and that does not bother me
any longer,
for I know what I’m worth
and why I am here
petty Universal problems
not under my control
so out of my worries.
I could not have a car,
things may be far worse.
I must keep these thoughts
to hold my imagination steady
ready for the next bright day
of sun or cloud
the next opportunity
to welcome sunrise
and keep breath in my lungs
to watch the sunset
and enjoy my night
to keep my head above the waves
of turbulent troubled seas
and to protect myself
mine own lightning dangerous
but never so
never so visceral
so cutting.
I am sleeping in my car tonight
and enjoying my life
and all its happenstances
gracious opportunity
handing me what I need
when I need
a hand, a shoulder,
safe harbor from my storms
deep inside tumultuous
and raw.
I am grateful
for every second I am granted
to fill my lungs
with happy oxygen
for the day shall come
I breathe my last,
and there is a world I’ve yet to meet
so many people
so many stories to hear and tell
and I’ve nowhere near my fill.

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