Poetry Marathon poem #13

Let me kiss your lips
below your waist
so I don’t forget
just how much I
love your taste.
Let me hear
your pant and call
pressin’ up against
the bathroom wall
foggin’ the mirrors
with the heat
of your body
moving under me.

I know from
where my ego comes,
inside of you.
I know the ways to
make you shake an’ shiver
lose your cool
thighs quiver
pressed against my ears.
Allow my tongue
to take its time
and dance
roll your world
into mine
and take a chance.

Let me inquire
if I may fill you
with my fire
my desire
As I take you
to conspire
to acquire
entrance into
your attire
down to the wire
tell me, my Muse,
would you inspire me
before I expire.

Take my hands
and lead them where
you like.
Settle down
and wait for
lightning to strike
Allow the waves of passion
to flow from you, dove
as I show you what it means
to make true love

So let’s put this mattress to the test
as you allow the best
to put your fears to rest.
If I may be so bold,
I’m gonna prove to you
my silver tongue
is worth its weight in gold.

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