Poetry Marathon poem #23

I can’t save, only harm.
I am Destruction.
I have two paths,
inward or out.
I cannot control the Chaos.
There is no right.
No wrong.
Only what is left in ruin.
Whosever remains
standing once the battle
is over is victorious.
What the price
or worth
of that victory
must be decided.
Only the same sadness
of loss and losses to come.
There is no end of it,
only the slow
pull to the grave
of an individual.
Cities of the dead,
in every town.
If I am the one to die first,
I have no requests.
Save to keep smiling
and to keep my words
in your heart
as a memento
of what you’re worth.
And, please, know you loved
my hate.
My broken,
my shell.
You loved me anyway.
And I will always hold
that memory with me
and very dear.
But I wish to depart.
Start a new journey, elsewhere.
I will never get “better”,
because I am fine.
There is nothing wrong with me.
I am this way,
and I do not wish
to be here
or anywhere
This is my final call,
dying Universe,
thank you.

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