Poetry Marathon poem #7


Yes, darling

Tell me a story!

ok, my dear, I will.

About whhhaaaat?

How about the time
I met the potato

the whooo?

I said,
the potato fairy.
That’s why I’m the best potato cooker.

Hm. You’re potatoes are really good.
But you’re every food is good.

Yeah, yeah.
But I’m the best potato cooker.
I met the fairy.
He told me so.

Whhaaat? I’ve never heard that one before.

Well, then settle down and sit tight
and I’ll regale you the tale.

When I was a kid

abbbout how old?

Oh, about a little bit older than you
I was cooking in the kitchen
with my lovely little kitten
potatoes in the pan
turnin’ golden and delicious
when a little bitty fairy
came by

whaaaaat did he say?

Oh, I’ll tell you what he said,

“Hey, can I try a fry?”

So I looked at my pan
and said
Sure, I’ve got enough
have a little or a lottle
its up to you.

whaaat did he do?

He took a healthy portion
and he sat out the table
and if you would
believe it,
he ate with a ladle.

whaaat’s a ladle?

well, it’s like a really big spoon.

waait, he ate his potatoes with a spoon
that doesn’t make much sense

a fairy at the kitchen table
had me and the kitten very perplexed



whaaaat did he look like?

Well, he wore a very large hat
and he was very little,
and very fat
and he had a
mischievous look
in his eyes
but what happened next
I didn’t expect
and it very much
took me by surprise.

so what happened?

Well, he gobbled
and he hobbled
round the table
picking up and
putting down the plate
staring at the taters
with great scrutiny
in front of his face
Then he made a great commotion
and he jumped in wild motion
and I had the crazy notion
he liked the taste

whyyyy do you think that?

well he hooted
and he hollered
and he looked a little bothered
and a little hot under the collar
and he was panting
and sweating up a storm

he looked in my eyes,
and to my surprise
I could see his tears
welling up,

He said,
Son, those the best potatoes
I ever did taste
and I’ve tasted all of em
I’m not young
for I am the potato fairy
and I believe
I can say
I’m the only one.

iiii’ve never heard of a potato fairy.

I hadn’t either, before then.

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