Haunted Melody – Hour 4

(inspired by the photo prompt)

I wandered one day in the forest,

feeling as if I was led,

when I heard what sounded like music

from a piano somewhere up ahead.


I followed the strains of the melody

drawing me deeper into the wood.

The song strangely haunting, familiar –

inspired by evil or good?


The trees seemed to gather around me,

the path I had trod turned to sand

when there in a clearing before me

stood a decrepit, upright grand.


How had this tired old fellow

come to this desolate glade

his torso filled with dry, brown leaves

his keys no longer played?


I felt a presence answer me

as I cautiously lingered there,

“I’ve called you to be with me

I’m the love you’ve sought elsewhere.”


A chill ran through my body

when I heard the specter speak.

I turned to run away from there,

my lungs let out a shriek.


I raced out of the forest

escaping from that hell,

I still could hear the music

coming from the haunted shell.


I look back on that frightful day

and question, was it real,

as I sit here with my lover

tickling ivories with zeal.


2 thoughts on “Haunted Melody – Hour 4

  1. I was absolutely captivated from the start, couldn’t wait to see where you were taking me.
    The words conjured all sorts of imagery and it was if I was walking along with you. I think, if I listen hard enough I can still hear that piano 😉

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