My Beloved – For Hugh – Hour #12

Day breaks across my beloved’s face,

the sunlight caressing his kind and gentle features.

I watch him as he sleeps, as he breaths,

my heart swells with joy and contentment.


Time brought us here to this moment –

not one either would ever have guessed.

Love grew so fast we had to hold on tight

to one another to not spin out of control.


In these mature days of my life,

to find someone so perfect, so right for me,

was not expected, not sought out –

but, so it was to be.


You believe in me and support what I feel called to do,

no matter how trivial some of these may seem.

You never waver in your love;

you ground me when needed, you’re my sounding board of reason.


That ever-playful twinkle in your shockingly blue eyes

and your humorous view of the world and our foibles

Brings me a healthy dose of daily laughter and giggles

and sets the tone for our lives.


With each and every day, I am thankful

for the events that conspired to bring us together,

for these best days of our lives,

to share, to partner is this journey of love.

2 thoughts on “My Beloved – For Hugh – Hour #12

  1. The “kids” don’t know what is ahead of them. There is something absolutely wonderful about finding that perfect fit late in life. I’m glad I didn’t know this was in store. Nicely described in your poem.

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