24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”




I will do this again

There is no doubt

Work that pays priceless rewards

No threads of doubt


I sit on the couch

Enjoying the noiseless ambiance

Just the quiet

And a final of champagne’s ambiance


Soon, in weeks or months

I will plan another

Looking forward to the druthers

And being with one another


A celebration of unity

And admiration for difference

And a continuous caring

No spirit of indifference


But it’s natures work

And the miracles of the earth

And our aspirations for resplendence

Let us love our earth


DeaBeePea  6-27-20


24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”




We all stood in wide circle

The last toast of champagne

The evening went as quickly

As the teasing champagne


I helped with the jackets

And offered Tupperwared portions

And any wine

That was sitting in unconquered portions


I walked out to the driveway

With the satiated company

For the goodbye waves

As they drove away from my company


But there was no loneliness

Just joy

A reflection of thankfulness

The most fulfilling kind of joy


I knew something was forgotten

There always is, I was aware

And I saw a silk scarf

On a now lonesome chair, so unaware


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

The Toast

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


The Toast


A grateful guest stood up

With some grateful words

His tongue no doubt loosened

But still inventing enchanting words


“I thank the host,

for this wonderful evening

and am astonished at his efforts

that leave me speechless, this evening”


Everyone laughed

Knowing the impossibility of that

So he nodded stubbornly

And said with arms raised “take that!”


He grabbed his rosé champagne

And gathered himself

Then bowed with joie de vivre

And with dignity, sat himself


His address was finished

By someone else

Let us rejoice in the gathering of friends

And I cheered, there is no one else!”


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

Time for a Luau

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Time for a Luau


The grand finale

From trees and cacao seeds fermented

A simple pie, with flakey coconut

A history of passion, fermented


My fresh-baked pie crust

Passed the flakey test

And the fudge-y chocolate pudding filling

Challenged me in the dieting test


I cheated

Adding a few butterscotch chips

For a touch of buttery glory

So down were the chips


The rich heavy cream

And the coconut milk

Gave a creaminess never before known

And this pleasure I am sure to milk


The whipped cream topped it off

With a light river of Malibu rum

Temptation for seconds

Tum-de rum-tum-de-rum


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

The Volunteers

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


The Volunteers


Someone was observant

Noticing the mess

Hesitant to speak

Until firmly advising, “Let’s clean up the mess.”


So when I looked

I realized shew was right

There was no room on the counter

From the left or the right


The eager helpers

cried, “Great, we’ll have it all cleared before dessert”

I was slightly embarrassed

But finalized the dessert


They rinsed all the dishes, forks knives and spoons

Filling the dishwasher and clearing the counter

It made it easy the rest of the way

And I thanked them for the re-birth of my counter


Thanks so much ladies

I won’t wake up tomorrow to a clutter

I will remember now the importance

On the mid-term removal of clutter


DeaBeePea  6-26-20

Question Period

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Question Period


The group decided to stretch

Some touring the house

Even considering sauna

Others, visiting the Giant Schnauzer, the King of the house


I was approached and asked

How did you manage to do this?

Just a lot of planning

I showed them my lap-top, as simple as this


They could see the itinerary

All laid out

They shook their heads

And what was that Evoo ab-out


Oh yes… the best of all

Olive oil made from Koroneiki olives

High in oxidants, a wonderful buttery taste

Cheers to the effulgent olive


And where did you hear about that prune recipe?

Absolutely insane

Learned from a Ukrainian chef, many years ago

Enough of it, you’ll go insane


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

The Chef’s Speech

24 Poem’s “The Dinner Party”



Chef’s Speech


Before we proceed to dessert

I would like to say a few words

And allow you a burp break

I speak of course in self-effacing words


Thank you all so much for coming

And bringing the requested wines

Adding the organized recklessness

Of this experiment in gastronomical terror of matching wine


Once again I remind you

Not to feel obligated to finish courses abundantly

It is just a taste experience

I thank you all again, abundantly


I might I add

It was so much fun making my final decisions

And I apologize to those I missed

England, Colombia, Brazil, Hungary, German and the U.S.A… decisions decisions


Take as long as you’d like

Enjoy a drink or a glass of water

Before we honour Hawaii

That beautiful tiny land surrounded by water


DeaBeePea  6-27-20

The Irish Stewing


24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


The Irish Stewing


In France it’s Boeuf Bourgignon

In Hungary it’s Goulash so hearty

And Belgium, Carbonnade a la Flamande

But in Ireland, it’s just stew, still hearty


One simmered in wine

The other a paprika smother

The other in golden beer

But this is a Guinness smother


Sadly, the alcohol dissipates as it simmers

Yet, the deep robust flavor remains

The beef will be fork-tender

And there likely will be no remains


The waxy potatoes

and sweetness of parsnips and carrots

I ne’er forget the deglazing

This is grand exalted my guest of carrot


There were looks of concern

So many stomachs full

Did I serve too much

But my confidence is full


DeaBeePea  6-27-20


Creamy Cheddar Soup

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Creamy Cheddar Soup


One might call this typically Canadian

Mild and quaint in simplicity

Unlike some of the guests however

Unduly lacking in simplicity


It almost lathers when it’s stirred

This orange pond of gold

Like a swim in a buttery lake

Like winning a pot o’ gold


It’s rather filling though

So I tell my guests to know

That they only need to sample

Avoiding over-stuffedness well-known


The humourist prepared a thought

It could have been served with nachos, he said

Some nodded, others in suffering face

Well-spoken, I sportingly said


A Vineland Estates Riesling

Or perhaps a Muskoka Lager

As long as it’s national

Like a sparkling spring cold lager

DeaBeePea  6-27-20

Almond Delight

24 Poems: “The Dinner Party”


Almond Delight


The highlight might be Marcona

That almond so buttery

Reminiscent of a bakery

As I begin to receive buttery


The flavor of Chorizo

after its apple cider bath

and a fine selection of greens

pure from their cold-water spaying bath


The Manchego cheese

Of herringbone rind

induced by a woven mold of grass

the praise, a layer for my thin rind


The audience seems to be hearty

In filling their bowls

Flexing their appetite muscles

And continuing the laughter in bowls


That tangy red onion

A flash of enticing hue

With enticing Tempranillo

The faces a pinkish hue


DeaBeePea  6-27-20


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