Dear Pippi

Dearest Pippi,

Even though I am older and no longer read your books way past my bedtime with a flashlight under the covers; I often find myself longing for your gift of storytelling.

How goes it in the fantastical world of seafaring?

Pirate ships, lost islands, treasure chests full of wonder.

Did Villa Villekula survive the transformation to full-time houseboat?

I knew you were strong enough to make that happen.

I imagine it’s glorious; the perfect way to embark on wild new adventures on the high seas

With a magnificent horse and a wise monkey; and Captain Pippi.

Please tell me you still wear your hair in messy braids?

Those braids held all the strength and magic in the universe.

On days when I really miss you, on days when I need to feel strong, on days when I need some secret magic momentum;

I braid my hair to look like yours.

Everything works out safe and sound.

Missing you always,


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