The Business of Dirt and Dust

Welcome, welcome, step right up!

Let us show you treasures to ease your mind and comfort your soul.

Just bring your wallet, or bring your gold

We have all that your loved one would ever need or desire; for that journey into the great unknown.

On your right we have a lovely collection of breathtaking urns;

Intricately carved, masterfully crafted, passionately painted, brazenly bejeweled.

Take a look, take a look; you may want to take one home for the mantel

Just for a spin

On your left we have the most lavish artisanal boxes made of the finest wood;

Skillfully designed, lacquered to perfection, lined with the most luxurious satins, silks and velvets.

Customized to your requests; feel free to touch, feel free to linger

There’s no shame.

We are not the dealers of death

We are just here to ease your pain;

Please pay no mind to what we gain.

In this business of dirt to dirt and dust to dust,

It’s more important to show the world you care enough

To choose the most elaborate soulless vessel to house the remains.

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