The Invisible Man

Most people don’t know this
I am a mutant

I read comic books as a child
I always wanted super powers
Like Spiderman or Batman or Wolverine
But who wants to go through some painful accident or experiment?
Not me, I thought!

So instead, I wished for super powers
I wished hard
I drew fantastic pictures
and wrote amazing stories of all my adventures

I drowned out the noises of the rest of the world
and kept drawing and writing and creating
I just forgot to write an origin story
But it happened anyway

One day I realized
I had developed super powers
I became – Invisible Man!
It wasn’t easy
and I made some dangerous mistakes.
But I learned how to develop and hone my secret power.

Most people don’t see me or hear me
I can hide in plain sight
But only if I’m very quiet
I have to remember to avoid the ones who are immune
They are usually loud
and they give themselves away

Others look in my direction
but their eyes are hollow
That’s how I know their souls were taken
and they won’t alert the immune ones.
They are too afraid

They will never know my secret
and they will never ask
They will never travel to the places I’ve been
Experience the things I have seen
They will never know
I’m an artist
I’m a writer
I’m a superhero

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