Zombie Girl Walking

The transformation came so fast

At a warehouse party moving dancing laughing
Shoved and pushed to the floor
Stench of death hit before the ferocious gnawing

Tried flailing
couldn’t move couldn’t grab couldn’t claw – all numb
hands stopped working

Tried screaming
couldn’t speak couldn’t talk couldn’t yell – only gurgle
Neck was broken

Tried to find an exit
couldn’t see couldn’t look couldn’t hear – only smell
Eyes and ears were missing

And then it hit me again
The smell
this time sweet
inviting consuming divine energy

Writhing on the floor next to me – someone familiar
soft and supple
plentiful and easy to swallow
like a wet vein filled marshmallow – delicious
elixir for the dead

Slowly I moved
moaning dragging lumbering
into the night
my skull face beaming in the moon shadow.

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