First post~

Hi all ~

This is my umpteenth poetry marathon — really, I don’t even remember how many I’ve joined! I think from the 2nd year until now, with a couple of hiatuses caused by illness, etc. This year is the first w/out my biggest cheerleader — my beloved husband. It’s less than 5 weeks since he died. So if my work is a bit dark, or obsessed w/ mortality and its associated baggage, you’ll know why.

In other background? Expat brat (known among the cognoscenti as ‘third culture kids’, even as we age!), lived abroad for many years: Southest Asia, Middle East, North Africa. Lots of travel and exposure to other cultures, in other words. I miss that, as travel has become increasingly fraught. But next month I’m off across the country, to see family & friends in Oregon. The other coast from Virginia, where I live!

Poetry since a kid, writing as both career & passion. Tea right behind writing, and being outdoors with both! Here’s to a great marathon (or half, in my case!). Enjoy!

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