Who am I?
I’m Jean Valjean

No, wait, that’s not right

Who am I?
I am Inigo Montoya, you killed

No, stop that
This isn’t kitsch it’s a statement of being

Who am I?
I guess I don’t know

I am a writer
Who struggles to write
I am a photographer
With nothing to photograph
I am a lover
Without a person to love
I am a wanderer
Without the means to wander

Who am I?

I am a lost and frightened thing
Too old to be finding myself
And too young to be this bitter
I’m a woman of 33 with a college degree
And no career to show for it
With student loans that I have yet to pay off
For an education I cannot use
I’ve had fourteen jobs
And never made more than eleven an hour

I am depressed
I am crushed
I am afraid

But not all the time
Not all the time…


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